The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Апринц хәыҷы


Abkhaz – Abchasisch – Abkhaze

Аҧсуа бызшәа

Title: Апринц хәыҷы
(Aprints khutshy)
Publisher: Alashara
Place: Ak'wa (Sukhum/Sukhumi), Abkhazia
Year: 2006
Translator: Neli Tarba (Нели Залҭинцка-иԥҳа Ҭарԥҳа)
ISBN No.: none

Remarks: Thanks to the immense efforts of the translator, Neli Tarba (20.11.1934 – 29.01.2014) and her daughter, Asida.

In 2005, Asida wrote: "In 1984 it appeared in the Abkhaz language for the Abkhaz readers. The book was poorly published, even the author's drawings weren't colored and the paper not of a good quality - but despite of everything it was published and started its life in Abkhaz! The one who read it once in Russian and then in Abkhaz could appreciate and notice that it sounds wonderful in the Abkhaz language. One can feel the beauty of the tale expressed in the Abkhaz language! One can say the author of 'The Little Prince' never dies! This is the work of a genius! Such a writer is the son of all nations around the world! Who could say he is not Abkhaz - a fairy-tale child - the Little Prince!"

Уа сы-Принц Хәыҷы! Хәыҷы-хәыҷла ишҧеилыскааи усгьы уара уҧсҭазаара шаҟа илахьеиқәҵагаз, шаҟа еизадаз! Даара акраамҭа хыжьжьагас иумаз акакәӡан: еснагь утәаны амра аҭашәара уазыҧшуан. Ари анеилыскааз аҧшьымш рзы ианылкылшоул, усҟан уара иуҳәеит: Сара даара бзиа избоит амра анҭашәо ахәаҧшра.

Abkhaz is a North-Caucasian language

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