The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince


Ancient Egyptian – Altägyptisch – Ancien égyptien

(Hieroglyphs - Hieroglyphen - Hiéroglyphes)

Publisher: Enrico Bossi (self edited)
Place: Milano, Italy
Year: 2005
Translator: Enrico Bossi (summary of the story, no direct translation of the book)
ISBN No.: none

Remarks: Only 40 copies existing - another great work from Milano, thank you, Enrico!

Publisher: Edition Tintenfaß
Place: Neckarsteinach, Germany
Year: 2017
Translator: Claude Carrier
ISBN No.: 978-3-946190-60-8

Remarks: Wonderful work, translated by a true expert of Old Egyptian. Bilingual edition with French. To be found at Edition Tintenfaß in Germany.

Archaic Egyptian script (Hieroglyphs)

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