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Altay – Altaisch – Altaï

Алтай тили | Altay tili

Title: Кичӱ-Бий
Publisher: Gayatri
Place: Tuulu Altay (Gorno-Altaysk), Republic Altay, Russian Federation
Year: 2008
Translator: Brontoi Bedyurov
ISBN No.: 978-5-9689-0155-2

Remarks: This book is the result of a project which aims at teaching "the Little Prince the Altaic so that he would be able to talk with the Altai children in their native tongue (...)". It has been supported by various organisations as well as by collectors from around the world. More information can be found at the website An announcement of the book on Altay TV can be seen on YouToube.

О Кичӱ-бий! Сениҥ јӱрӱмиҥ ээн планетада кандый јаҥыскансырак, кандый коркышту кунукчыл öткöнин бара-бара мен билип алдым. Узак öйгö сенде сок јаҥыс соот болгон: кӱнниҥ кызарып ашып јатканын сен унчукпай кöрӱп отуратаҥ. Мынысы керегинде мен тöртинчи кӱнниҥ таҥ эстесинде: Кӱнниҥ ашканын кöрöргö сӱӱйдим.

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