The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Nyathin wo rwoth manok

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Alur – Alur – Alur


Title: Nyathin wo rwoth manok
Publisher: Lepani-Henri Urwothun
Place: Aachen, Germany
Year: 1995
Translator: Lepani-Henri Urwothun
ISBN No.: none

Remarks: This book may still be found at Rimbaud Edition in Aachen, Germany. The translator Lepani Henry Urwothun, born in 1974 in Logo (Congo D.R., at that time Zaire) pursued his high school education in Germany and Belgium. Today he lives in Nairobi where he's working as a pilot.

Haa! Nyathin wo rwoth manok, adaru ni winjo, nok nok, kwo peri ma tye can. Ni ayi con peri ndu i maru mwony pa ceng. Awinjo lembe peri meno wang dupa, ceng mir angwen iwi ku gweno, i gam i yero ira ya: Amaru dwong ni neno mwony pa ceng.

Alur is spoken in Western Uganda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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