The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

بالاجا تکین


Azerbaijani – Aserbaidschanisch – Azéri

(Southern Azerbaijani - Südaserbaidschanisch - Sud azéri)

Title: بالاجا تکین
(Baladzha Täkin)
Publisher: Akhtar
Place: Teheran, Iran
Year: 2007 (Persian calendar: 1386)
Translator: Leila Tabrizi Far & Ibrahim Abdollahi
ISBN No.: 964-517-092-3

Remarks: Many thanks to Hassan!

Azerbaijani is spoken in the Republic of Azerbaijan (8.5 million speakers) and in the northern part of Iran (14-16 million speakers). Large minorities exist in Dagestan (Russian Federation) and Georgia. Azerbaijani speakers in Iran are officially considered as speaking 'Turkish', therefore the book states that it is a Turkish [ترکی] edition.

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