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খুদে রাজকুমার | খোকাবাবু

Bangladesh India

Bengali – Bengali – Bengale

বাংলা / Bangla

Title: খুদে রাজকুমার
(Khude Rajkumar)
Publisher: Dey's Publishing House
Place: Calcutta, India
Year: 1995
Translator: Esha Dey
ISBN No.: 81-7079-657-1


Title: ছোট্ট রাজকুমার
(Chotto Rajkumar)
Publisher: Punascha
Place: Calcutta, India
Year: 1999
Translator: Sankarlal Bhattacharjee
ISBN No.: 81-7332-251-9


Title: ছোট্ট রাজপুত্র
(Chotto Rajaputra)
Publisher: ?
Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2001
Translator: Asad Choudhury
ISBN No.: 984-07-4214-0

Remarks: This version has its own drawings, possibly done by the translator or another involved artist. It also bears a different title (rajaputra) which has a meaning not entirely equal to the 'rajkumar'.

Title: ছোট্ট এক রাজকুমার
(Chotto Ek Rajkumar)
Publisher: Jagriti Prokashony
Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2004
Translator: Ratan Bangali
ISBN No.: none


Title: খোকাবাবু
Publisher: Shuddhashar
Place: Bangladesh
Year: 2009
Translator: Mithun Kaisar
ISBN No.: 984-300-002977-7


Title: ছোট্ট রাজপুত্তুর
(Chotto Rajputtur)
Publisher: Pathsutro
Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2010
Translator: Zahid Reza Noor
ISBN No.: 984-300-000248-0


Title: ছোট রাজকুমার
(Chōṭa rājakumāra)
Publisher: Lalmati Prakashan
Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Year: 2010
Translator: Father Detienne (1924 – 2016)
ISBN No.: none



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