The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

De Pety Präingjss

Suisse (Switzerland) Ville de Fribourg / Stadt Freiburg

Bolze – Bolz – Bolze

(City of Fribourg – Stadt Freiburg – Ville de Fribourg)

Title: De Pety Präingjss
Publisher: Edition Tintenfaß
Place: Neckarsteinach, Germany
Year: 2019
Translator: Fränzi Kern-Egger
ISBN No.: 978-3-947994-23-6

Remarks: Thanks to Alfons.

Aa, dù lieba Pety Präingjss, naa dis naa han i vùrschtane, as wy dys melanggo­lygga Lääben ablùùft. Longtang hesch ùù ùs inzigi Dystraggssiong la Dussöör va de Sùnenùndergäng ghäbe. Am Morge vam vierte Taag han i das nüüwa Detay vùrnoo, ggang tü ma dy: I ha Gguschii dü Solei gäär.

Bolze is a mixed language spoken in the Basse-Ville district of Fribourg (Freiburg), Switzer­land. A mixture of French and Swiss German, Bolze came into being as a result of the immigration of German speakers from the Sense District of the Canton of Fribourg starting from the 19th century. By 2019 the language was reportedly spoken only by a handful of locals. See Wikipedia for more information.

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