The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Минкъий принц

Russian Federation North Ossetia

Digor – Digorisch – Digor

(North Ossetia - Nord-Ossetien - Ossétie du Nord)

Title: Минкъий принц
[Mink'iy prints]
Publisher: SEM
Place: Vladikavkaz/Дзӕуӕгигъæу, North Ossetia-Alania, Russian Federation
Year: 2017
Translator: Tamerlan Kh'ambolti (Tamerlan Kambolov)
ISBN No.: 978-5-905179-69-3

Remarks: Beautiful coloured hard cover edition, published by SEM together with the Ossetian (Iron) translation.

О, Минкъий принц, уотемæй дин æлвæсгай базудтон дæ минкъий æнкъард царди хабæрттæ. (...)

Digor or Digorian (дигорон) is a variant of the Ossetian language. The other is Iron, which is more widely spoken. The differences between the two are large enough to call them two languages. See more on Wikipedia.

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