The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Ο Μικρόν ο Πρίγκηπας

Pontos flag Greece

Greek – Griechisch – Grec

Pontic Greek - Pontos-Griechisch - Grec pontique
Ποντιακά | Pontiaká | Pontus lehçesi

Title: Ο Μικρόν ο Πρίγκηπας
Publisher: VLACH | Afoí Kyriakídi
Place: Vienna, Austria | Thessaloniki, Greece
Year: 2020
Translator: Anni-Anatolí Karipídou
ISBN No.: 978-960-602-267-8

Remarks: This very beautiful edition is the side-product of an interesting scientific project on 'Vanishing Languages and Cultural Heritage (VLACH)', run by the Austrian Academy of Sciences under the auspices of Prof. Thede Kahl. The book has been published in colla­bo­ration with the Thessaloniki-based Afoí Kyriakídi publisher. Thanks to Thede Kahl and his team!


Title: Ο Μικρόν Πρίγκιπας
Publisher: Ekdosis Kyriakidi
Place: Thessaloniki, Greece
Year: 2020
Translator: Panagiótis Moisiádis
ISBN No.: 978-960-599-331-3

Remarks: Second Pontic edition, published around the same time as the first one.


Pontic Greek is a variety of Modern Greek originally spoken in the Pontus area on the sou­thern shores of the Black Sea, northeastern Anatolia, the Eastern Turkish/Caucasus pro­vin­ce of Kars, southern Georgia and today mainly in northern Greece. Its speakers are referred to as Pontic Greeks. The linguistic lineage of Pontic stems from Ionic Greek via Koine and Byzantine Greek, and contains influences from Georgian, Russian, Turkish and Armenian. See more on Wikipedia.

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