The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Ныппулюӄин принцан
(НыппулюКин принцан)

Koryakia, Koryak okrug (until 2007) Kamchatka

Koryak – Korjakisch – Koriak

Kamchatka, Russian Federation
Нымылг’ын | Nymylg’yn

Title: Ныппулюӄин принцан [Nyppulyuqin printsan]
Маленький принц
Publisher: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2012
Translator: Tat'yana N. Ayatginina (from the Russian translation of Nora Gal')
ISBN No.: 978-4-86337-110-1

Remarks: Thanks to the generousity of the scientific co-ordinator. The Koryak script used in this book is not entirely stringent while using capital letters instead of Koryak Cyrillic specific letters (К and Н instead of ӄ and ӈ, В and Г instead of в’ and г’.). The reason might be a lack of suitable editors for the transcription.

О Ыпполёпринцан! Малькит в’ан тдедёлык, ӄыӈын ыннэну гынын пав’дяӄ­дёнатгиӈын валг’ын. Гыччи дянот дятан кочгечеванӈывоӈ: тэйкев’тытвегиӈын когетаӈвоӈын. Ӈыдяӄав’ эчгатык тваломык: тытэ гыччи иви: ― Гымнан льги эӈг’элу ткулӈыӈын тэйкдялӄэв’ыӈын.

Koryak is a Chukotko-Kamchatkan language spoken by about 1,700 people (2010) in the easternmost extremity of Siberia, mainly in Kamchatka. Its close relative, the Chukchi language, is spoken by about three times that number. Find out more about Koryak on Wikipedia and in the repository on Endangered Languages of Siberia.

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