The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

شازادٚه وه شڵه

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Kurdish - Kurdisch - Kurde

ھۆرامی / Hawrami

Title: شازادٚه وه شڵه
(Shazade veshelle)
Publisher: Ehsan
Place: Tehran, Iran
Year: 2009 (1388)
Translator: Koursh Amini
(from the Farsi version of Mohammad Ghazi)
ISBN No.: 978-964-356-657-9


(Hewrami Scan)

The status of Hewrami (often referred to as 'Gorani') is disputed among linguists. The language, spoken in the mountain regions of Western Iran, is often being considered as a part of the Zazaki-Gorani language family whereas the local speakers consider themselves as 'Kurds'. The translator lives in Nowdesheh [Kurdish نۆدشه], a village in Kermānshāh Province, close to the Iraqi border.

- Hewrami (Gorani) at Wikipedia
- The Identity of Hewrami Speakers (by Amir Hasanpour)

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