The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

شازاده چکۆله

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Kurdish - Kurdisch - Kurde

سۆرانی / Soranî


Title: شازادە چكۆله
(Shazade chikole)
Publisher: Intisharat Did
Place: Teheran, Iran
Year: 2005 (1384)
Translator: Arash Amjadi
ISBN No.: 964-94796-6-X


(Sorani Scan)

Title: شازاده چکۆله
(Shazade chikole)
Publisher: Intisharat Khoramshahr
Place: Teheran, Iran
Year: 2008 (1386)
Translator: Vahab Jahani Asl
ISBN No.: 964-6788-26-2


Title: شازادە چكۆل
(Shazade chikol)
Publisher: Aras Press
Place: Hewlêr (Erbil), Kurdistan, Iraq
Year: 2007
Translator: Khabat Arif & Berrozh Yakrayî
ISBN No.: none


Soranî is a group of Central Kurdish dialects and as such is part of the Iranian lan­guages. Sorani belongs to the Kurmanji branch of dialects and is most cor­rectly referred to as Southern Kurmanji. It is spoken by appr. 10 million people in Iraq and Iran. It is the most widespread speech form of Iraqi Kurds, and is the language of a plurality of Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan.

- Soranî at Wikipedia

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