The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Lo Prinçonet

Occitania Limousin

Limousin - Limousin - Limousin

(Occitan Limousin - Okzitanisch Limousin - Occitan Limousin)

Title: Lo Prinçonet
Publisher: Edition Tintenfaß
Place: Neckarsteinach, Germany
Year: 2011
Translator: Paul Rainal
ISBN No.: 978-3-943052-03-9

Remarks: This book can be found directly at Verlag Tintenfass in Ger­many.

A ! prinçonet, ai comprengut, pauc per pauc, aital, ta pita vita languivosa. Avias 'gut longtemps per esbatoelh mas la doçor dels solelhs entrants. Ai' prengut 'quel detalh novel, lo quatren jorn l'emmandin, quand m'as dich : Aime plan los solelhs entrants.

Limousin (Occitan: Lemosin) is a dialect of the Occitan language, spoken in Limousin, parts of Charente and the Dordogne in the southwest of France. The language is used primarily by people over age 50 in rural communities. A revivalist movement around Félibrige and the 'Institut d'Estudis Occitans' is active in promoting the language. See Wikipedia for further information.

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