The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Малиот Принц

Macedonia (FYROM)

Macedonian - Makedonisch - Macédonien

Македонски / Makedonski

Title: Малиот Принц
(Maliot Princ)
Publisher: Detska Radost
Place: Skopje, Macedonia
Year: 1998
Translator: Mira Čepinčić
ISBN No.: 9989-30-256-1


Title: Малиот Принц
(Maliot Princ)
Publisher: Feniks
Biblioteka Vrvori
Place: Skopje, Macedonia
Year: 2009
Translator: Pavlina Dimitrovska
ISBN No.: 978-9989-33-447-4

RemarksFound in Skopje in May 2010. It seems that this edition is an entire copy of Mira Čepinčić' translation as there's no difference in the text between Miras translation and the version of Pavlina Dimitrovska.


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