The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince


Malaysia Kelantan Province, Malaysia Pattani Province, Thailand Thailand

Malay – Malaiisch – Malais

Kelantan-Pattani (Yawi)
بهاس جاوي | Bahasa Yawi | ภาษายาวี

Title: ڤوتراكچيل [Putera kecil]
Publisher: Supoj Lokunsombat / Saudarapress
Place: Pattani, Thailand
Year: 2020
Translator: Waemaji Paramal (from Thai to Jawi) / Ariya Paitoon (from French to Thai)
ISBN No.: 978-616-56881-3-0

Remarks: This translation has been supported by the Fondation Jean-Marc Probst pour le Petit Prince in Lausanne. Merci, Jean-Marc, pour cette initiative !

Malay Jawi translation

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