The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

द लिटल प्रिन्स


Marathi – Marathi – Marathi

मराठी | Marāthī

Title: धी लिटल प्रिन्स
[Dhi litl prins]
Publisher: ?
Place: Mumbai (Bombay), India
Year: probably 1988
Translator: ?
ISBN No.: none

Remarks: The Marathi book title shows the words 'Dhi litl prins' while in the text the word 'Râjakumâr' is used for the little prince.

(Marathi Scan to follow)

Title: द लिटल प्रिन्स
(Də litl prins)
Publisher: Urja Prakashan
Place: India
Year: 2008
Translator: ?
ISBN No.: none



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