The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Līkuts Princis


Prussian – Preußisch – Prussien

(Reconstructed from Old Prussian - Neubelebt aus dem Altpreußischen - Reconstruit du Vieux Prussien)
Prūsiska bilā

Title: Līkuts Princis
Publisher: Prusaspirā
Place: Elbląg / Ēlbings, Poland
Year: 2015
Translator: Pīteris Šātkis
ISBN No.: 978-83-65053-00-8

RemarksVery interesting and ambitious work in order to contribute to the revival of this old Baltic language, officially extinct in the 17th century.

Ak! Līkuts Princis! As līnai izpretta twajjan grāudin gīwin. Jāu ilgai Saūlis wakarāi ast twāise ainunta enwesselinsna. As erzināi šan nawwiniskwan ankstāinai, ketwirtan dēinan, kaddan tū mennei pabilīwuns: Mennei spārtai padīnga wakarāi.

A few linguists and philogogists are involved in reviving a reconstructed form of the Old Prussian language from Luther's catechisms, the Elblągian dictionary, place names and Prussian loan words in the Low Prussian dialect of German. Several dozen people use the language in Lithuania, Kaliningrad, and Poland, including a few children who are natively bilingual. See Wikipedia for more.

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