The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Bás Prinssaš

Sápmi (Saami Land)

Saami – Sámi – Lapon

Northern - Nord - Nord

Title: Bás Prinssaš
Publisher: Werner Söderström Oy
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Year: 1981
Translator: Kerttu Vuolab
ISBN No.: 951-0-10716-6

Remarks: This Saami edition was the first one, published in the main Saami dialect (Northern Saami) by WSOY in 1981. Meanwhile the book has been republished.

Vuoi bás prinssažan. Vehažiid mielde oahppagohten áddet du unna morašlaš eallima. Guhkes áigai dus eai lean eara ilut go láđis eahketroađit. Dán ođđa ášši gullen njealjat beaivve iđđedis, go dadjet munnje: Eahketroađi mun ráhkistan.

The Saami language is nowadays spoken by around 35,000 - 40,000 people and divided into 10 dialects. The main distinction is made between Eastern, Northern and Southern Saami dialects; Northern Saami is widely spoken in the Lappland provinces of Finland and Norway - see also: Ethnologue Database and The Sámi Languages.

- Sametinget, Saami Parliament in Sweden
- Samefolket, good Swedish site
- Sápmi Radio, Saami broadcasting
- Sámediggi, the Saami Parliament in Finland
- Saami Council

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