The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Ница принцэ

Primorskiy oblast Pozharskiy rayon

Udehe (Udege) – Udeheisch – Oudihé

Primorski district, Russian Federation
Удиэ | Udi'e

Title: Ница принцэ [Nitsa prints'e]
Маленький принц
Publisher: Hokkaido University
Place: Sapporo, Japan
Year: 2009
Translator: Aleksandr A. Kanchuga (from the Russian translation of Nora Gal')
ISBN No.: none

Remarks: Original book, thanks to the generousity of the scientific co-ordinator, Prof. Toshiro Tsumagari († 7.11.2020). The book can be downloaded as PDF version here. It is not for sale! The translator, Udehe writer Aleksandr Kanchuga, celebrated his 85th birthday in November 2019.

Ээ Ница принцэ! Няӈгади биидэ ута эгзэгиэми, онодэ гузе омоӈкуди бисини си багдилэй. Гоо экиду синдулэ омото сэбу бисини ― си аюлэй су эеӈидини. Би утава саами динти нэӈи тимадулэни, си дианаӈаи: Би аси аюми суу эеӈи экивэ.

The Udehe language is the language of the Udehe people, spoken by not more than 100 - 150 native people in the Russian Far East. It is a member of the Tungusic family. Find out more about Udehe on Wikipedia and in the repository on Endangered Languages of Siberia.

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