The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Нучӣкэ принси


Uilta (Orok) – Uilta (Orokisch) – Uilta (Orok)

District Sakhalin, Russian Federation
Уилта кэсэни | Uil'ta kesein

Title: Нучӣкэ принси [Nutshiike prinsi]
Маленький принц
Publisher: Hokkaido University
Place: Sapporo, Japan
Year: 2016
Translator: Elena A. Bibikova (from the Russian translation of Nora Gal')
ISBN No.: none

Remarks: Original book, thanks to the generousity of the scientific co-ordinator, Prof. Toshiro Tsumagari († 7.11.2020). The book can be downloaded as PDF version here. It is not for sale!

Гэ, Нучӣкэ принсē! Оjи-оjӯканӡи бӣ уидēхэмби, гассаммӯли, пусуjӯллӣ биччи­ни сӣ биввуриси. Горо эрумбэ синду биччи­ни гēда хупи ― сӣ сэксэ гēва­таини аjауми итэчихэси. Бӣ сāхамби чава ӡӣллē инэӈи чимаидуни, хāли сӣ уччиси: Бӣ ӡиӈ аjауриви гēвамба.

The Uilta (Orok) language belongs to the Northern branch of the Manchu-Tungus (Tungusic) languages. It is spoken by about 40 - 70 people in the Poronaysky and Nogliksky Administrative Divisions of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Federation. There are also some Oroks who live on Hokkaido island in Japan and maybe some of them speak Orok. The lan­guage is used as an everyday language by some members of the older generation of Orok people and is taught in one school on Sakhalin. Find out more about Uilta on Wikipedia and in the repository on Endangered Languages of Siberia.

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