The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Magyarország (Hungary)

Hungarian – Ungarisch – Hongrois

(Old Hungarian script - Altungarische Runenschrift - Runes hongroises)
Magyarul, magyar rovásírás

[A kis herceg]
Publisher: Rovás Alapítvány
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Year: 2018
Translator: Tamás Rumi, László Sípos and Tamás Somfai
ISBN No.: 978-615-80721-1-3


Magyarul Rovás

See more on the old Hungarian sript (Rovás) on Wikipedia.

Hungarian is spoken by 10.3 million people in Hungary (98% of the total popula­tion, German, Slovak and other minority groups). Large Hungarian minorities live in Romania (2.000,000), Slovakia (630,000), Serbia (450,000) and the Ukraine (170,000). Smaller groups in Austria and Slovenia.

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