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Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

De Miki Prins

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Title: De Miki Prins
Le Petit Prince
Publisher: Edition Tintenfaß
Place: Neckarsteinach, Germany
Year: 2016
Translator: Joël Landais
ISBN No.: 978-3-946190-28-8

Remarks: Bilingual edition in Uropi (constructed language) and French. This book can be found directly at Verlag Tintenfass in Ger­many.

Ah! Miki Prins! Sim, poj a poj, i incepì ti miki melankolic ʒiv. Longim ti uni distrajad avì sen de swajad solifalis. I lerì di novi detàil, be de morna de kweri diu, wan tu dezì mo: I gus mol solifale.

Uropi is a constructed language which was created by Joël Landais, a French English teacher. Uropi is a synthesis of European languages, explicitly based on the common Indo-European roots and aims at being used as an international auxiliary language for Europe and thus contributing to building a European identity. See Wikipedia.

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