The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Der klane Prinz

Vienna, Austria

Viennese - Wienerisch - Viennois


Title: Der klane Prinz
Publisher: Michaela Naumann Verlag
Place: Nidderau, Germany
Year: 2001
Translator: Hans Werner Sokop
ISBN No.: 3-933575-55-9

Remarks: This book can be found directly at Mundartverlag in Hanau. As for the translation, I'd like to add the personal comment that, unfortunately, the chosen language does not really fit to the spirit of the book. The Viennese text of the book contains many terms which are often used in a 'slang' form of the dialect only but rather not in a literary context.

O, du mei klaner Prinz! So noch und noch hob i dei klanes triabsinniges Lebm verstaundn. Launge Zeit host du ois anzige Unterhoitung nur de Freid aun Sonnan­untergäng ghobt. I hob von dem neichn Aspekt erscht am viertn Tag in der Frih erfoan, wia du mir gsogt host: I mog de Sonnanuntergäng.

Viennese, the dialect of the Austrian capital.

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