The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Der Kliny Fjyśt

Poland Wilamowice (Wilmesau/Wymysoü), Poland

Vilamovian – Wilmesaurisch – Wilamowicien

Wilamowice (Wymysoü), Poland

Title: Der Kliny Fjyśt
Publisher: Centrum for Füśnan ȧn Praktyk yr Kultüryśa Wetercijung and others
Place: Wilamowice / Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2020
Translator: Tymoteusz Król (Tiöma fum Dökter) & Joanna Maryniak (Joȧnnȧ fum Mȧryńok-Jȧcki)
ISBN No.: 978-83-63636-88-3

Remarks: There have been a number of activities to revitalise the language recently, many of them directly borne by the translator of this book. A short documentation in the "Schlesien Journal" gives an interesting insight into the culture of Wilamowice (Wymysoü) and the initial work of Tymoteusz Król. An online version of the book can be found here.

Ju, kliner fjyśt! Śtyklawȧjz kom yh uf dȧj klin, medytjynfuł ława. Łangy cȧjt ferbłyn nok dy myłda zunaundergeng. Yhy kom uf dos ȧ dryta tag s'mügjys, wy dy mer höst gyziöet: Yh łiw zunaundergeng.

Wymysorys (Wymysiöeryś [IPA: vɨmɨɕœ̯ɛrɪɕ]), also known as Vilamovian, is a West Ger­manic language spoken by the Vilamovian minority in the town of Wilamowice, Poland (Wymysoü in Wymysorys), on the border between Silesia and Lesser Poland, near Bielsko-Biała. It is considered a critically endangered language as there are probably less than 70 native users of Wymysorys. See Wikipedia for more information.

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