The Little Prince

Der Kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince

Uccâ priinsâš

Sápmi (Saami Land)

Saami – Sámi – Lapon


Title: Uccâ priinsâš
Publisher: Sämitigge (Sámediggi)
Place: Ánâr / Inari, Finland
Year: without year (2000)
Translator: Iisak Mattus
ISBN No.: 952-441-034-6

Remarks: The Inari and the Skolt Saami editions were published in 2000 for a number of 500 speakers each. At this time these languages were the smallest having a translation of the Little Prince.

Vuoi uccâ priinsâžâm. Ucánjij mield opâškuottim addiđ tuu uccâ murâšlii eellim. Kuhes ááigán tust iä lam eres iloh ko läđis eehidruáđih. Taan uđđâ ääši kuullim niäljád peeivi iiđeed, ko ettih munjin: Eehidruáđi mun rähistâm.

The Saami language is nowadays spoken by around 35,000 - 40,000 people and divided into 10 dialects. The main distinction is made between Eastern, Northern and Southern Saami dialects; Inari Saami belongs like Northern Saami to the "Northern group" and is spoken by about 500 people in Inari and around the lake of Inari as well as within a scattered area northwards - see also: Ethnologue Database and The Sámi Languages.

- Sametinget, Saami Parliament in Sweden
- Samefolket, good Swedish site
- Sápmi Radio, Saami broadcasting
- Sámediggi, the Saami Parliament in Finland
- Saami Council

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